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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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their second meeting in just ten days. peter dec. peter, do we know what made chao stand out to the transition team? >> shannon, donald trump is obviously the outsider
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president-elect. but it sounds like it was chao's dc experience. andy we are getting that from neat gingrich that elane chao will be great as transportation secretary. and she understands the government. she is married to senator majority leader mitch mcconnell and worked as labor secretary before. surgeon and georgia congressman tom price was held. and price is a major critic of obama care and will try to figure out what should become of the health care law once obama care is dismantled. he is exceptionally qualified. andy freeing affordable and accessible care to every
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american. and kevin mccarte explained the procedure. you can't repeal and replace at the same time and we'll see a vote to repeal and a transition period and then vote on something to replace it that they will work with price on if he is confirmed. will his staff be upset if he actually nominates mitt romney to be the secretary of state as has been the rumor for days? >> it doesn't sound like mr. trump is worried about that. we are getting worried that the communicationy's director jason miller said the most anti- romney voice was not talking out of school by criticizing. apparently trump knew all about it. >> kelli ann approached the president-elect before she went on the show and asked his
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permission to air the view point. >> romney will be here for dinner and another contender for secretary of state. senator bob corker is in there. and we found out two days from right now, donald trump is bringing back the big campaign style rallies with a thank you, tour. to cincinnati, ohio. and mikes pence will number the louisiana for event and there will be a trump -- but not sure where he will go to visit with his soon to be constituents, next. >> and just when you thought your time chasing him was over. peter doocey, thank you for the update. >> for more on that. president of the new democrat
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network. and former advisor to president clinton and editor at large for hot welcome to you, gentlemen. >> simon, starting with you. we'll get ralliys from president-elect trump. do you think we will see the same crowds and kind of reaction. >> early rallies will be huge events with a lot of enthusiastic people. a lot of republicans didn't know if they would win and it is a spirited time and they will be well attended and listen tis important and i would to it say as a democrat. democrats made a huge mistake by dismissing the power of the rally and we have a lot to learn as a party of what trump did and how he used it to connect to people and what he will continue as president. >> i don't think simon will go to the rallies, i don't know.
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>> i can watch it on tv. and on fox news if you want to watch. and larry, what do you think here? is this new hat and t- shirt and now stuff? it is now an ambitious agenda. and that's right. part of what we are seeing here. it is gracious to thank the voters to put him where experts never thought he could get. it is a smart and nice and gracious thing to do. but nothing feels good as winning and the rallies was getting him there and now celebrating that victory. it is very smart and he will need the support of the american people to push the agenda he want and by the way, simon said the democrats can learn about this. under obama, he had had rallies
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all the of the time. that is how he was swept in office. donald trump has a lot in common with the obama playbook. >> simon is taking note and we'll leave that. and president-elect trump at it again on twitter and first ripping in cnn for reporting that the voter fraud claims were baseingly. pathetic. you have no sufficient evidence. shame, bad reporter. and then weigh nothing on the the flag burning controversy. and no one should be allowed to it burn the flag. a loss of citizenship or year in jail. they are defending the action. >> part of the reason people love donald trump he speaks his
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mind and not coming through a filter and people are so tired of politicians. but he has a comment and opinion. we are going to hear. it >> that's true, we know that. this connected with millions of people who got out and voted and they like say what you mean kind of thing. and the poll came out. 59 percent of the people think that trump should not keep the twitter account and 35 percent said yes. it preponderasents challenges o is commander in chief. >> we have to let trump be trump. i am on the camp he is continue to use the twitter feed. but be careful and be more, and make sure what he's writing is true. i think the stuff that happened in the last 24 hours was not a big deal. but the argument that the popular vote is margin.
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that is false and wrong and if he wants to be the president, maybe sure he doesn't look stupid and ill informed. >> larry, he seem issed so disciplineed >> and listen, i have endured 16 months of all. experts inside of dc saying that donald trump will destroy the candidacy if he stays on twitter. he expressed his opinion of burning the flag. most americans hold that opinion. they are standing on the first amendment and on the flag burner ares and where are all of the mainstream media liberal who are upset about the unconstitutional tweet about punishing flag burners. what about president obamayy's record of the supreme court.
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he has lost more than any other modern president. and the supreme court said that is not constitutional. and what donald trump said about flag burning is not going to matter to our lives unless he proposes a law. everyone should just calm down. >> authority. the supreme court ruled on the flag burning thing and including a opinion that justice scalia said it is freedom of expression issue. >> including donald trump's tweets. protect that, too. >> great to see you both. >> we have disturbing new details. cleared
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>> aaron cohenwho designed that program said this is a technica. we're learning more about the attacker. he spoke about the treatment of muslims. he warned about sleeping cells, he praised al alache.
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he has become sort of a symbol for online jihad want to being. he seemed some of his electronic devices and say he was not on their radar. >> and year learning more about his bank account. >> every indication was that he was a good kid. most of the information is that he was a good kid. he got an associates degree from columbia state university. he just transferred here in the fall. no record of any disciplinary problem. his neighbors say he was a good kid, he answered questions, he didn't drink or smoke, and they're all flabbergasted by
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this. >> mic, thank you so much. >> tragedy in the air. a team crashing in the mountains of columbia. some people survived that crash. how? we're going to explain. and claims of voter e regularities in wisconsin. is there broof behind the allegations? michael mcdonald will break it down, next. >> we have no proof. there is a possibility, but the only way to find out is to do a manual recount.
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in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. a recount push under way in three key states that
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president-elect trump won. jill stein said earlier today that she requested the recount because of evidence of voting machine malfunctions. >> they are subject to machine error and human error. >> how high are the incidents of voting irregularities. one clerk going on the world defending the integrity of the vote in her state. >> our election inspectors or municipal clerks worked a long day. errors do happen. discrepancy ies are vetted with the board of canvas. >> an associate professor at the
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university of florida. days before the election you said this will be close. will the recount make any difference. >> they talk about the margin of election. that election official is absolutely correct, there are some changes, minute mostly, chances in the election. but the errors are not going to be enough. they looked at the data, they looked and said there is not enough information here to warrant a recount in these states. so we're not moving forward with it. >> let's take a look at the latest numbers we have for the popular vote. plekt trump, nearly 62.5 million. she is ahead by more than 2.3 million votes, but our founders
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in the wisdom of our complexion system, it's all about the electoral college. but it is the system that we have. >> that matters to trump's mandate that he has going forward. i believe when we look in a few months, he will have one of the lowest approval ratings in modern history and it will be difficult for him to keep the coalition going. he has a lot of challenges moving forward on the public spn -- opinion in the u.s. >> dr. jill stein is talking about trying to launch a recount there as well. here is what the michigan bureau of elections had to say. >> you will find mistakes as have been indicated. votes changed but they change proportionally to the share that
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the candidates have, but i would be surprised to run into fraud. >> so, these folks who are calling for the recounts are feeding off of the media reports that the russians were shahacki the election somehow. we know they were trying to gain access. now the question is did they do something more? were they able to get into all of the low call offices. it seems like it is an extremely remote possibility. is it out of the question, no, but we're talking about a lightning striem sort of thing. you would have had to have had an operative at the election officers. it just seems implausible that could have happened. >> and even just launching the
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recounts, it seems nearly impossible with the deadlines and the requests, it doesn't seem like it will change the outcome of the election, but it is interesting to track it. >> most importantly, don't confuse a change in the results with some hacking. that is not really what is happening here. it happening in any recount that is done. >> absolutely, thank you, doctor. >> new details in that deadly plane crash that killed at least 75 people. and trump revealed a ten-point plan to overall the department of veteran's affairs. we're going to ask a panel what advice they have for the incoming president and his cabinet.
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new details on a deadly plane crash at least 75 people killed just six surviving after the crash in columbia. it was circling before it went doubt. among the victims members of a brazilian soccer team and six people from fox sports brazil. do we know about a potential cause? >> bloth black boxes have been
11:25 am
reportedly found, but prior to that they were working on two things, a possible electrical problem, or that they didn't have enough jet fuel on board when they left brazil. they were sitting on the plane right before they were to take off for colombia. they goring to play in the south american championship. a huge match on that continue tent. now almost all of those young men are dead. the plane crashed shortly after an electrical emergency was reported. for rescuers, an extremely rough effort to find and pull out survivors. mud and thousands of pieces of
11:26 am
wreckage. >> the stream is now over. >> traveling with the team were 21 journalists and as you mentioned, that included six of our colleges. they worked at fox sports brazil. >> and fill just seeing those videos, t is hard to see the excitement, such excitement going to, as you call it, one of the gyms of their lives it was supposed to be. >> yes, this after a fairy tale season. take a look at the players when they won the semifinal game. this is in the locker room and they're just e excited.
11:27 am
today blackhawk helicopters are bringing the bodies to a near by airport to family members can id them. this afternoon, an incredible gesture from the team that was supposed to play them in the finals. they want the championship to automatically be awarded to the brazil team as a true gesture of brotherhood and sportsmanship. >> it is hard to believe six people survived. >> all right, taking a live look now at tennessee and surrounding areas. a popular theme park now very nch danger as a huge wall of fire is forcing thousands of people to have to he vak wait
11:28 am
and leave everything behind. we have the latest on the testify station there. our military panel is discussing another deadly turn. >> if anyone set that opportunity up for success, it is trump. he made it a priority. you have to give veterans true choice. investigate, put the veteran first. that's the slogan.
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this is a fox news alert as we're learning of a series of new air strikes. syrian government forces launching a new offensive on the devastated city. 20,000 have fled in just was last two days. the regime backed by russia is very close to retaking the syrian opposition city of aleppo. it is really the heart these days of the rebel and opposition movements in is a very big turn in this mission. they started with ground troops pushing further and further. several weeks ago they started
11:33 am
bombing military targets. it put a great deal of pressure on the rebel opposition. maybe as much as 50% of the territory that was held by the rebel opposition groups that have lot that to the assad regimes. they have cut the area off in half and they're forcing civilians to flee the situation there. >> what does that mean for civilians there? >> thousands have been fleaing. more importantly hundreds have been killed and injured in recent weeks. the rush than, syrian, and asad regime airstrikes have been
11:34 am
brutal. things like a apartment buildings and not just military targets. they said to any civilians left in aleppo, you leave now or we will kill you. that has been the case for the last several weeks and it has been a brutal fight there. what it means for the civilian population in aleppo and the opposition forces is that we're closer at this point to seeing them triumph than we have seen. >> so how will president-elect trump respond to the crisis. he said he is deeply troubled by the situation in syria. i would say of all of the things that halved in the course of my presidency, the knowledge of hundreds of thousands that have been killed makes me ask myself
11:35 am
what might i have done differently along the course of the last six years. amber smith is joining me, a former helicopter pilot that served in iraq and afghanistan. let me start by thanking all of you for the selfless service. we have three of the branchs represented today. so many foreign policy hot spots around the globe. >> i think the inaction of the last eight years lef the united states and the trump administration in quite a predicament. there is multiple facets. al qaeda, assad, russia, iran. i don't think it's a question of
11:36 am
whether or not we can defeat them in syria, the question is what is the second and third order of effects. what happens the day after? and i think we need to long long and hard. we need to think about what that will be. >> johnny, your advice? >> absolutely. my time in the marine corps was spinning the yo yo. the biggest problem we have right now is that we're drying lines in the sand and we're letting people step over them. what we need to do is to clearly find a goal, we have the men and women that can defy the strategy and we can execute and win once we know what we're trying to
11:37 am
win. >> i have spoke to so many people in the military that left because they felt there was confusion about what their mission was. a lot of good noeks left because of that. >> donald trump knows the building will have the floors, the budget, the people. if you ask anyone in the war effort what those are, they can't give them to you. >> you syria, the rebels, you have the kurds, isis, turkey, iran, and us. so what -- we need to get on the same page as the super powers here. we're bombing isis, and we're trying to arm the kurds. get on the same page, define a goal, but if we continue to dump resources in there blindly, and if we have an intervention, we
11:38 am
have to committed to the fact this could be a 100 year ak passion. >> all right, all three of you, young veterans and we have veterans of all ages and physical concerns, mental concerns, all kinds of needs that we have. there is something that they want to see going on. where can changes be made? how do you think a president trump may do things differently? >> he has a great ten-point plan. he outlined exactly what he wants to do at the va. there are two key take aways from the plan. number one is accountability. the people at the top, including the secretary of the va have to
11:39 am
hold the employees accountable. you have to have choice. there was a poll in march that in 91% of veterans thought they should be able to seek health care elsewhere. they want veterans to have that choice. employees at the va can get whatever doctor they want to, veterans should not have it any differently. >> it is a great campaign action. you can't legislate change. we need leaders in the va, we need leaders in the va that are willing and committed to a cultural change. the military, if a general says wear a pink shirt on friday, that happens all around the world, we can't get two regional offices on the same page. and that is the kind of changes
11:40 am
that we need. we need a change where they take pride in their job and in the fact that you're not just providing a quantitative service, but you're providing a service that needs to be qualitative. a way that is a better quality of life. currently some of the metrics from hillary clinton and the other administration talk about the amount of veterans treated. handing painkillers to a veteran that is hurting is not a cure. it doesn't help them get a job, be a contributing member. that's the kind of cultural change. we have to pick the leaders outside of the va, bring them in and see the culture change. >> we're waiting to see who president-elect trump will tap for that job. >> i have spoken to a number of people including frank corvino.
11:41 am
he said this starts at the top, starts with leadership. from there down, you need the ability to fire people. i'm a veteran, guy to private health care. not all will go to the va, but they need to be cared for equally. we cannot continue to allow them to put them down as numbers. >> it is one thing that seems to be infuriating across party lines and where every else. amber, johnny, carl, thank you for your service to this country. >> the democrats winning fewer seats than expected. we're going to talk to a
11:42 am
democratic congresswoman that says they missed growing signs of voter discontent. you didn't read your
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shepherd smith on the fox news desk. we'll speak with a former cia military analyst that says in reality they could be trying to take credit for an attack for which they knew nothing. we'll see you then. >> thousands of evacuations under way as wild fires race through the drought stricken state. it is believed an entire resort has been geoff stated. check out this map. authorities warning people to take this threat very seriously.
11:46 am
rain in the forecast tonight could help firefighters battling and trying to get those flames under control. >> the last outstanding house seat has been decided and certified. that means the final break down means the final break down will be 241 republicans, 494 democrats. they gained only six seats. >> republicans are taking over congress and the white house, but they do not have majority support in this country. majority of voters supported democratic senate candidates over republican ones and the majority supported a democratic presidential candidate over a republican one. they didn't send us here to
11:47 am
whimper, whine, or grovel. debby dengle is joinings now, thank you for your time today. >> glad to be with you, you just heard the speech there from senator elizabeth warren. both the house and the senate will be republican controlled. do you see there are things the party will work together on? >> there may be some things but i'm going to start right now. that is going to create a human cry across the country. and i will be a voice that is compassionate and seniors that
11:48 am
counted on it it for their retirement. >> health care, obama care, medicaid, all of those things are top on the list. they have overhauled and changed for numerous votes right now. president-elect trump vowing to change that. are you reassured there are certain parts he is howing to keep? >> the parts he wants to keep are the ones that are very critical. we're going back to the days where someone will be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition, or caps on coverage, or the fact that a woman is a woman being a pre-existing condition. it is something they can't cancel. it will be trying to figure out how to go back to that system.
11:49 am
>> the devil is in the details as well. they picked up six house seats, there have been predictions going far beyond that and in the senate as well which the gop has held on to. where do you think the disconnect was. >> i think one of the things is the voters just didn't turnout. a lot of people didn't think they vote mattered. they didn't think that what the outcould is is what it would be. but i'm someone that has been a strong voice that believes lost working men and women in the middle of the country, not because they're not supporting us, but athey'they're not conne things like bailing out the auto industry to them. we didn't do a good enough job talking about the issues.
11:50 am
>> this one is about democratic leadership and who is leading those posts. i want to read a post from a senator, he says from the cbc, some changing may be beneficial and others may have severe unintended consequence that's can lower our power. there is now some distension. >> a leader of the democrats tomorrow, and i think that because the letter is about how a lot of democrats feel. they want to be able to have a voice and to have it heard. it takes someone that understands all of the different perspectives in the congress,
11:51 am
but they understand and they'o together. >> thank you for your time. hundreds of workers walk out of the nation's second busiest airport. why they're picking today. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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♪ hundreds of workers hitting the pickett lines of the nation's second busiest airport, cabin cleaners, wheelchair handlers, baggage handlers walking off the job at o'hare airport. that is live in chicago. so far, maptt, o'hare is a beas a lot of times, but how it affecting things? >> reporter: if anything, there might have been a disruption in traffic. it looks calm now, but a short while ago it looked like a mob
11:55 am
as hundreds of loud, frustrated workers walked off the job and demonstrated all in name of raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. here at o'hare, workers started striking last night in order to create a disruption in service. fortunately, airlines and employers saw it coming and compensated for any loss. these workers are cabin cleaners, janitors and fast food employees here who say they currently work in poverty and want $15 an hour, dignity and the right to unionize. >> the wages that we make here are nowhere near what we should be making based on like how much sweat, blood and tears that go into this company. >> reporter: there were strikes and walk-offs planned at 19 other airports nationally today as a part of a national day of disruption. this is all tied into that fight for 15 movement that began four years ago today when mcdonald's workers in new york city walked off the job demanding $15 an hour. since then, many states and cities have increased their minimum wage, but many business
11:56 am
owners and analysts say $15 across the board is just not doable, shannon. >> well, there are many complications to making those decisions. in the meantime, wishing travellers all the best. matt fin in chicago. it is a race truly like no other, a run over 26 miles with wind chill dropping below 20 below! no! >> this environment is just so good. you can just relax and enjoy it, and i'm going to enjoy every minute of it. cheers. ♪ for lower back pain sufferers,
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the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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ask. the organizers bill, it has a unique opportunity most people would call something else, though we captain say on the air, 50 runners finishing up the southern most marathon on earth, happens to be at the south pole. the winner ire land's gary thornton said it was really tough. it may be the fact the
12:00 pm
temperature was around 20 below. ouch! all right. i'm shannon breem. i will not be signing up on for that race, but somebody who probably could get it done and much more is shepard smith. he's up next. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on campus at ohio state university where a terror group has now claimed responsibility for the attack there yesterday. we also learned of an interview the somali student gave about being a muslim on campus and the connection our own catherine herridge has confirmed. also the story of the hero police officer who stopped the would-be -- or i should say stopped the attacker in his tracks. plus, in politics, president-elect trump making his moves to fill the cabinet. we will look at his choices so far and what they signal about the direction of his future administration. and can the trump train really roll through all of


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